Vannijs Geboren
Album Cover

This is the design and finished product for the new album of my singer-songwriter-dad Hans van der Lijke. It's a folk- album.

check it here:
(I also designed and built his website.)

All songs are witten in a local dialect spoken in the north of the Netherlands. I was very proud to design this album for him. It was the first time for me to design anything (professionally) for print and I was very excited about it. I think it worked out quite well. Also the collaboration with Jan went very wel. He checked the final pdf's and InDesign files for me, which saved me a lot of trouble with the people from sony (the CD got printed in Switzerland..)

"Vannijs Geboren" means born again and stands for the understanding of the dialect. My father felt reborn in an intellectual way when he really started to understand and speak the dialect (he's not originally from Groningen) So I thought I'd show that by letting him walk from back to front, from a drawn figure to a photograph. The landscape in the background is typical for this area and also perfect for a background (photo taken by my mother). I took the photo's in my house and sketched over them and did the rest of the work in Photoshop and inDesign.
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