Pilot for discount website in Groningen
Dagpas is a new way to get a discount in the Netherlands. You can create a profile, add your preferences (like clothing, dinner, culture etc.) and you will be informed whenever there is a discount in one of these categories.

There will also be a heavy integration of social media so you can decide for which item you would like a discount. You can then use social pressure to actually get it. For example if there are more than 10.000 people saying they want 10% off uggs shoes, then you'll get it :).

This website is a first version that will go online to trigger people to create an account and join in. (I did al the illustrations, icons etc. myself.)
In the meantime a team of salespeople will try to convince as much stores as possible to join, so we will actually have some cool things to offer.
Branding and logo
A flyer I designed to approach people on the street and to get them to participate easily.
Homepage webdesign
Promotional clothing for the Dagpas sales people.
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