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New webdesign for Bonobos, the company I work for. One of the first things I decided after getting promoted to head of design was to redesign the company website. We needed a new fresh look that really fitted our company goals and needs, and also reflects our personality. We are a young and dynamic group of professionals constantly looking to learn and implement new technologies and principles. We aim to be the biggest lead generator in the Netherlands, and so far we're doing a really good job at getting there.

The design was made under my guidance by my intern Jade Thomson. She took all the monkey photo's with one of her friends as a model, so all the graphics are original work. That is something I'm very proud of. She also handmade the icons used for the blog and social buttons.

I'm responsible for all photoshop-work done afterwards with the photo's (all the different banners/artwork etc.). And the general look and feel of the design.
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