I'm a creative web and graphic designer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Born in 1984, started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and never stopped.
I started out as an illustrator, drawing stuff mostly by hand with pencil on paper.. I 'discovered' the power of computers way later when I bought my first mac to start recording music. I pursued that for a while but it turned out it wasn't something I wanted to do for a living. So once I dropped out of the school of music I decided to get back to my first love: drawing.

My boyfriend Rene (now husband) was a webdeveloper back then and asked me if I wanted to be a web designer. First I thought no!, because I really didn't want to go back to school, but he said I wouldn't need that and that I could learn through the power of the internet. He then taught me the beginnings of HTML and showed me where to look for tutorials. 3 months later I had my first portfolio website up and running and was ready to apply for jobs.

I then had a few interviews at companies who said I was talented, but had too little experience. After one month I got my first job at a webdesign company called mediaCT that wanted to hire me and educate me as a junior webdesigner/ front-end developer. I studied hard and learned a lot from those guys in a very creative, professional and friendly environment. It almost felt like leaving the nest when after 2.5 years I found another job as a medior designer at Bonobos.

At Bonobos I got a chance to start managing projects and soon I became head of 'Design and Usability' and was able to hire 2 new designers. As the lead designer it was my responsibility to set and maintain the standards of design, to educate interns and to keep my team creative and motivated. I had a really good time doing all that, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons. While I loved being "in charge", after 2.5 years I really started to miss the hands on designing part of my job and I wanted to get back to designing by myself. So May 2013 I started a new job as a Web & UX Designer at Vevida.

I really enjoy working as a designer/front-end developer and hope to never stop learning new stuff. I'm a frequent participant of the UX Bookclub Groningen and I have real a passion for design, webdesign, front-end and usability and am always interested in new techniques, new perspectives and more books with beautiful stuff to read and look at.
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